Freak Flag Making Parties

Do you like the idea of making your freak flag alongside other people making theirs? That's what Freak Flag Making Parties are for. If you're interested in attending a freak flag making party, click here for the Upcoming Events page and see if you can find a party in your area. If not, well, why not throw a flag making party yourself? See below for the guidelines for making your own Freak Flag making party (they're guidelines because I think having something in common makes us feel connected, but if you don't want to feel connected to the rest of us freaks, that's ok. Do what you want.)

Think of a flag making party as a freaky art potluck. The guidelines for making a freak flag still apply, but there are a few extra guidelines we've found that make a party successful:

  1. Pick a day where you can spend at least 3-6 hours of uninterrupted creative time. It doesn't have to be Flag Day (June 14th) or Independence Day (July 4th), but those work too.
  2. Pick a space where everyone be together but can still spread out their stuff and get messy.
  3. Send out an invite which explains the concept (feel free to crib off this web site) and lays out the guidelines for making a freak flag.
  4. Provide some music and some food (you can ask people to bring music and/or food too).
  5. Download the "FREAK" stencil, print it, and cut it out on the dotted line. (You might want to trace the stencil onto something stronger than printer paper first, and then cut it out. Cardboard and a box knife or an exacto knife works well.) If you have a lot of people coming, you might want to make several stencils. Ask everyone to use this stencil somewhere on their flag.
  6. Have each person you invite bring something to use as a base material for their flag. People don't have to make flags out of slippery nylon flag material. They can make it out of any kind of fabric, or they can make it out of something else--canvas, wood, rubber, paper, metal, glass, netting, stone, plastic, creative! The only guideline here is that it should be of a size and a weight that they can pick up and carry--because after all, how else are they going to carry it in a parade? It should also be big enough for people to see from a distance.
  7. Have each person you invite bring along whatever individually meaningful things they want to bring to decorate their own flag with.
  8. In addition, have each person you invite bring a bunch of one kind of decorative material to share with everyone else. (E.g. don't just bring enough pebbles or glitter paint for you, bring enough for everyone!) You can get materials from craft stores, recycling bins, the dump, a local park, wherever sounds good...just bring enough material so that at least a couple other people could use it too.
  9. Designate a place to put shared materials, and make sure everyone can access it.
  10. Make flags!
  11. Have a parade!
  12. Take pictures of everyone with their freak flags (or just the freak flags themselves). Submit them via the contact page to the Freak Flag Gallery. Don't forget, once people send in pictures of their freak flags, they are also able to join our FYFFH Online Community, where they can comment on people’s flags, find and connect with other freaks, organize virtual or IRL parades, and play our FYFFH game!
  13. Consider making a group for your party participants in the online FYFFH community, so that people can stay connected and play the FYFFH game together if they want to.
  14. If anyone has a story they'd like to tell about what their flag means or how it came to be, they can submit that via the contact page, along with a picture of their flag, to the Freak Flag Blog. Everyone loves a good freak story!

To see some awesome examples of other freak flags, click here to browse our Freak Flag Gallery.

Don't forget, when you're done...FLY THAT FREAK FLAG HIGH! Click here for upcoming Freak Flag events (or make your own!)

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What Is A Freak?

Freak [freek] -noun

  1. any abnormal phenomenon or product or unusual object; anomaly; aberration
  2. (informal) a person who acts or dresses in a markedly unconventional or strange way
  3. (informal) a person who is obsessed with something specified (a baseball freak)
  4. one who is unrestrained, unorthodox or unconventional in thinking, behavior, manners, etc.
  5. one who espouses radical, nonconformist or dissenting views and opinions  that are outside the mainstream.