Make Your Freak Flag

You don’t have to be an artist to speak your truth in visuals (though I know there are some of you artist freaks out there, and I’m callin’ you out).

Click here for our flag making “guidelines.” Why are there guidelines? Well, it's a collaborative project, after all, so there has to be some sort of commonality we can all point to. Plus I think constraints enable creativity and having something in common makes us feel connected. (And they’re "guidelines" because if I called them rules, you’d just want to break them anyway, wouldn’t you? Yeah, I thought so.)

If you like the idea of getting a bunch of freaks together for a flag making party, click here for our “maker party” guidelines.

To see some awesome examples of other freak flags, click here to browse our Freak Flag Gallery (it's a virtual parade!)

Don't forget, when you're done...FLY THAT FREAK FLAG HIGH! Click here for upcoming Freak Flag events (or make your own!)

Still have questions? Click here for the Freak Flag FAQ.

Help More Freaks Fly Flags High

Like what we're doing with FYFFH? Want to help more freaks fly more flags, higher? Please consider donating to the project. Every little bit helps!

What Is A Freak?

Freak [freek] -noun

  1. any abnormal phenomenon or product or unusual object; anomaly; aberration
  2. (informal) a person who acts or dresses in a markedly unconventional or strange way
  3. (informal) a person who is obsessed with something specified (a baseball freak)
  4. one who is unrestrained, unorthodox or unconventional in thinking, behavior, manners, etc.
  5. one who espouses radical, nonconformist or dissenting views and opinions  that are outside the mainstream.